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Apparently 9/11 happened on a perfectly green flatland.

And since Jesus still has those holes in his hands, does that mean you go to heaven still bearing your wounds? ‘Cause if that’s the case, them 9/11 victims are fucked!

Happy 9/11, everyone!


Anonymous asked:

Pewdiepie is funny. Don't like him? Don't fucking watch or comment. It's that easy!

Y’know I don’t actually care if you like him, right? I just make fun of him and his fanbase ‘cause it’s easy; Not to say I don’t actually have something against all the shit they both do. But, at the end of the day, it’s just an unimportant issue I have with him, a large portion of YouTube LPers thinking they’re funny for making dumb children and teenagers laugh, and the idiotic fanbases of those YouTubers that defend ‘em to no end with bullshit arguments like yours.

But, just to use your argument against you: “I’m funny! Don’t like me? Don’t fucking look at my Tumblr or message me. It’s that easy!”

Just to complement the last post, here’s an argument I had with one of Toxic’s fans about… a lot of things, I suppose!

It really amazes me how easy it is to get popular doing Let’s Play on YouTube, that the guy has already got the generic fanbase of children…

Pfft! And they say Let’s Players just do it for attention… Nonsense!

So basically I found this YouTube Let’s Player on DeviantArt, most notably using the word “PewDiePie” as a keyword on his completely unrelated stuff. I chose to take a look-see at his YouTube channel, to which I was pretty much unsurprised to find he’s just another one of the 88% of shitty LPers on YouTube, doing all the gimmicky bullshit most popular YouTubers do (Facecam, talks in an annoying voices, general unfunniness through use of memes, ect.)

I decided to made a comment on one of his videos (as I am known to do, being the opinionated douchebag I am), saying exactly what I thought of the video. Very shortly after, I found he had already screencapped my comment, and stuck it up on his DeviantArt for his fanbase (amazingly enough, he has one) of children to give himself oodles of adornment for "standing up to the hater!"

So, in a little bit of retaliation, I decided to screencap his post of him screencapping me! Along with all the comments, of course; That’s my favorite part! But, unlike him, I actually put some effort into at least trying to be funny (and believe me, I put a lot of thought into this post).

Unfortunately, he deleted this from his gallery, so I can’t link to it. But, luckily, I think I got everything screencapped right before he removed it! Not to mention his gallery is still a pretty good source of top-notch, YouTube-let’s-play-quality content everyone can appreciate! /intense sarcasm

Moral of the story: Take off that stupid fucking panda hat!


Anonymous asked:

Awww, are you butthurt that we banned you? Cute.

I think it’s safe to assume you came from the “Fans of Mangaminx" Steam group. A group which I made a post about a long while back.

How might I know this? Because, just today, a friend and I figured you lot most likely had never seen the post before! (I mean, why would you have?) So, we wanted to see your reactions!

By the way, I was never banned.



Man, it sure is easy to blend in with you guys! All it takes is an anime eye’d avatar, a slightly changed username, and some moonspeak!

Again, the chat log’s right HERE! Y’know, if you want to remember everything that happened the way it did happen, and not the made-up interpretation where you all are good admins.

Such a cleverly made plan, I must be butthurt! So kawaii!


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